Merci Pour le Venin

"She's a hypnotist collector, you are a walking antique."


Anonymous said: You are soo skinny.

you are soooo bored.

12ozmouse said: If ya don't mind me asking, what brand of eyeliner do you use?

Almay liquid! cruelty free. c:

Anonymous said: Why did you change your blog? Is Dansmerde now a personal blog??

I changed it because I wanted Ahypnotistcollector to be my primary and Tumblr kinda sucks about not letting secondary blogs ever matter.

So, I switched the URLS. or at least I tried to. and failed. 

DansMerde is still what it was, just oddities and photography.

nanoism said: What's your instagram?



WOW I just realised I forgot the “P” in “Hypnotist” and someone seriously took my URL 


just saying, to whoever you are

you really suck.

I’ve had that URL for years

and because I wanted to switch it over and I fucked up

you take it?

it’s really just sad.

Gonna go ahead and assume you follow this blog since you obviously knew I changed my URL

please let me have my username back.

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circa 2010

Are you afraid of your own shadow?

A shamless little creature, tells the stories of your past

And I, I’m moving on

Would you like to come with me?

Hold my hand across the memories

A sea of hatred we will pass

Will you hold my hand?

Awake in the night, thinking of your smile

An innocent creature, what you call yourself

Is this paradise?

A sight to see when I’m barely awake

The lines of your profile fading slowly, into my mind

Your shameless shadow nothing now but a thought, a hallucination

But then again you know that all too well

Ring of new beginning, take my hand

It’s yours, all yours

Please don’t let it be for nothing

It’s ours, all ours

Please let it become something

I’m the last train to your home

Your warm coat in the cold

I’m the one to not forget

I’m the one you won’t regret

Don’t be the end of us,


No one’s here, we can be quiet with each other

A silent sudden embrace

To mask the amount of days

We won’t be around the sound

Of each other.

And my  favourite thing is the sound of your voice

Late at night, when it’s my only choice

The colours from his mouth are purples, blues and reds

He’s a form of poetry

That I have never read.

Vs Myself


I beg and I plead you to just give me what I want. I cheat and steal to prove myself, but you’re unrelenting. Face of stone staring into the crying mine.

In this moment I will do anything you say, but you say nothing. Always nothing.

Wanted to call Love Line tonight but I totally chickened out. ):

ugh why am I not tired 

ugh why am I not tired 


“MOM!  MOM!  There’s a parade of food trucks coming down our street!  Oh my god!  There’s the taco truck!  MOM!  We need to go outside right now!”


“MOM!  MOM!  There’s a parade of food trucks coming down our street!  Oh my god!  There’s the taco truck!  MOM!  We need to go outside right now!”

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your tattoo says ‘only god can judge me’ yet here i am


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